Dr. Quiñones M.D. DPPAI, DPAPSPHI,


Dr. Ricardo Quinonez is one of the country’s leading surgeons who are actively promoting the Philippines as a medical tourism and destination for cosmetic surgery.

As a head of RZQ The Aesthetic Surgery Clinic and RZQ Stemcell Institute of Medicine, Doc Ricky, as a fondly called by his colleagues and patients promotes safe, straight forward and cos-effective cosmetic procedures to foreigners and locals alike.

As with any success story,  Dr Quinones had to struggle and work hard to gain the respect of the peers. He shores that he can never forget his experience as a research associate at John Hopkins Bay view Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland.  Dr Quinones was the only Filipino doctor at the Department of Pulmonary Medicine and it took him a while to be able to prove himself to his Colleagues.

” It was hard and difficult in the first two months” he said. ” I struggled so much on interacting with them. As days goes by, they noticed my skills and work etics and eventually warmed up to me”.   Dr. Quinones adds that he was humbled  by the experience of being able to work with the creme dela creme of America’s medical field.  Now reputable name on his field, Dr. Quinones continues to upgrade his skills and training. He earned this medical degree at Fatima College of Medicine and pursued his cosmetic surgery training at the Pan Pacific Aesthetic Institute Foundation Inc.  He also earned  his clinical dermatology degree from the National Skin Center in Singapore. For his stem cell therapy practice, he received a fellowship at the American Board of Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine.

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